Your Personal Rain Advisor

What if you knew exactly when it was going to rain?

Now you will.

Wave the wizard's magic wand for your own personal weather predictions. Weather Wand is tuned to your exact location and can predict rain up to 3 hours in advance.

Why settle for the weather on the morning news that only tells you the forecast for your city or county? We give you an extremely accurate rain prediction for your exact location.

Rusty Needs a Walk

The dog wants to go for a walk but the clouds look ominous. Use Weather Wand to time your walk, so you can get back home before the rain starts!

The Grass Won't Cut Itself

You've been trying to cut the grass all week but it keeps raining. Use Weather Wand to check the raincast to see if you have enough time to cut the grass before it starts raining again.

The list of everyday uses goes on and on.

7-Day Weather Forecast

Weather Wand also provides the 7-day forecast. For those times when there is no rain in the next 3 hours, you can check the next 7 days to see your rain chances.

Explore Different Cities

You can also use your magic power to teleport to different cities across the USA, Puerto Rico and Guam to check the weather in various locations.

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